A Reflection on “Wet Getting Wetter, Dry Getting Drier”

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A Reflection on “Wet Getting Wetter, Dry Getting Drier”. There are talks of how the climate will possibly make dry areas, such as those ones in the subtropical zones to be even drier, and those in the wet areas, such as the sub - polar regions to be extra wet. Greenhouse gasses gets all the blame, in fact, recent research points out that the climate forcing of the carbon dioxide that human beings have already put in the atmosphere since the industrial revolution. With more energy radiating down on the earth compared to back up into space, the earth has continued to heat up. As the atmospheric heat continues to move up, it has been able to hold more water vapor, and hence strengthening the earth’s hydrological cycle (Tang and Taikan 47). With the extra energy, more water is moved from the subtropical regions and pushed to wetter regions in the sub - polar, and which has resulted in strong droughts and the same strong storms. This may seem like an oversimplification of the climate change, which is even not supported by observed data. The reverse may occur, the dry may grow wetter and the wetter regions might become even extra dry. The analysis of observed continental dryness trends yield-contradicting outcomes. The riddle mentioned above is merely based on oceanic data. More than seventy percent of the earth’s land area, vigorous dryness shifts cannot be identified. Recent reports that only a global land area of just above ten percent shows a strong dry getting drier and wet getting wetter observation when compared to only just nine percent of the global land area with the reverse criterion with the dry places getting wetter and the wet getting drier. Work

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