A Question of Life or Death

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Death Penalty Institution Student Course Date Abstract The death penalty is administered when the survival of one person who is convicted of some crimes in the court of law, threatens the survival of other people. The death penalty is a rare sentence in courts of the United States of America. Nevertheless, the case of Gary is exceptional. Just the way the kind of punishment is extraordinary, the matter deserves a death penalty. The existence of Gary on the planet earth is dangerous to the survival of other innocent citizens. Gary has committed many monstrous crimes that left many people surprised. It cannot be called accident since he has not done criminal offenses once or twice. It is his habit wherever he resides. After traveling to North Carlina, he killed Ricki Carter, whom they associated with. He was lived with Ricki as a transvestite and later broke his ribs. Additionally, he threatened to do away with his family. He was an agent of evil, and thus death sentence was the only remedy for him. Death Penalty It is an ordinary question to ponder about whether Gary L. Sampson ought to get a death penalty. He has committed heinous crimes that attract judicial system to intervene and determine his fate. My response to this question would be YES. Sampson is known to have been convicted of bank robberies and an avid drug addict. Just but to mention, Gary killed three innocent folks. According to the minds of many People, Sampson may have been neglected and abandoned during his childhood. This may have caused a feeling of dissatisfaction, disaffection, and unhappiness. A combination of all these emotions may have resulted in indulgence to all sorts of crimes

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