A New Look at Electronic Medical Record

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A New Look at Electronic Medical Record Name: Institution: Abstract Health record keeping presents a major challenge to health care providers and it is considered the reason behind the United States inefficiencies in the medical information system, making it have the highest health care cost in the world. The information age provides industries with better alternatives for conducting their operations through the digital platform. Electronic medical record (EMR) system offers such an opportunity to the medical industries in facilitating proper record-keeping. There are significant benefits for institutions that incorporate this electronic system in their operations as can be related from the VA system case. Challenges presented by the current EMR systems revolve around data sharing, vulnerability to insurance companies, and low confidence level from the citizens. Physicians, hospitals, health technology companies, insurance companies, and lack of interoperability among systems may act as a stumbling block to the sustainability of EMR systems. If the health care providers do not embrace the digitization of their record keeping, all the stakeholders are bound to experience negative consequences, as there is both business as well as social benefits related to the system's adoption. However, the adoption of the EMR system may not necessarily result in reduced health care costs, unless the system is properly managed. A new Look at Electronic Medical Record Introduction Electronic Medical Record (EMR) refers to a digital record system that is concerned with the health information of a patient, which enables the creation, collection, management of data and

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