A Causal Analysis Essay Revision

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Name: Course: Professor: Date: Fighting Obesity: A Causal Analysis Essay I was once one of the ‘fat girls’ during my late teenage hood and early adulthood life. Often, I was laughed at, mimicked, and made fun of by my friends and even strangers who would stare at me and start whispering. This affected my self-esteem and self-image, making me became emotionally unstable. I had to do something about my weight, since I couldn’t even fit in a lecture hall chair because of my excessive weight. The weight loss journey is a lengthy process and painful. And although fighting obesity is a difficult task, it is still achievable through understanding the causes of weight gain, seeking professional help and having a support team to walk with you throughout the weight loss journey. Obesity is caused by many factors some are genetic where you inherit a big body from your parents; it could be a person lacking energy which makes them eat a lot of energy giving food items so as have energy to do normal daily duties; or emotion disorders where some people eat to gain relief or food helps them to deal with extreme emotions; it could also be as a result of not exercising and poor health condition, where the body fails to process and break-down food (Brownell 381-383).When I was diagnosed as being obese, my physician noted it was because of my emotional disorder as every sad and unhappy moment was followed by eating excessive amounts of food. I would eat until my moods became stable and would immediately fall asleep, making this a pattern in my life. At one sitting, I could easily consume 2 liters of milk or yoghurt, a liter of frizzy drink like coke, half a dozen friend eggs,

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