A beautiful mind movie- Schizophrenia

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A Beautiful Mind Movie-Schizophrenia Student’s Name Professor’s Name Name of the institution Schizophrenia in A Beautiful Mind The movie, A Beautiful Mind has helped many to understand better the psychological disorder of Schizophrenia. It talks about a man who develops the disorder at the age of 31 years and the mental breakdown he goes through. Schizophrenia is a psychological disorder that affects how patients perceive, feel, and think (Tandon et al., 2013). The main characteristic symptom of this brain disorder is psychosis like getting delusions which are false beliefs that are fixed and hallucinations with voices. This paper talks about the research about Schizophrenia and describes in detail the disorder by applying it to the character John Nash in the movie A Beautiful Mind. Explanation of the Disorder Diagnosis criteria The DSM-5, (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fifth Edition) indicates that a patient experience not less than two common symptoms of schizophrenia so as to meet its diagnosis criteria (American Psychiatric Association 2013). The symptoms are, negative symptoms, catatonic or disorganized behavior, disorganized speech, hallucinations and delusions. Among the symptoms, there must be one of these; disorganized speech, hallucinations, or delusions. Disturbance signs must be persistent and continuous for not less than six months. During this period, the patient must have at least a month –or less when treated successfully- with occupational or social deterioration challenges that happen over a period of time that is significant. These issues must only be attributed to this condition and not to another in the

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