9.02 project semester part 2 the global impact of conflict

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Student’s Name Professor’s Name Global Impact of Conflict Date Ethnocentrism is the judging practice of other cultures on the bases of beliefs and customs. It is human nature being ethnocentric; however, it has continued to develop into a negative connotation. The most affected by ethnocentric conflict are women and children. Children and women have always been a primary target of wars outbreaks. The paper explores to discuss the global impact of ethnocentric conflict and how children and women have become a target of these conflicts. Question 1 According to Thompson, besides deaths, ethnocentrism results to other impacts on society which includes; Facilitating social change which results in a war between the conflicting cultures. It results in enmity between long-time neighbors. Conflict becomes the reason why many people deny humanity to others and halts nation-building efforts. Question 2 Jones argues that other people who get affected besides those who directly involve themselves in the conflict include: Other nations - These nations get affected by such conflicts through the provision of humanitarian needs and conflict resolution. It also results in the economic instability of other countries. At the extreme edges, large populations of people get displaced from their homes rendering them homeless. People who support cultures such as UN also get affected because they get committed to providing humanitarian aid to the affected civilian and spearheading mediation efforts. Question 3 According to Roberts, Women and children have always been the primary victims of conflicts. Women and children are less involved in direct war confrontations.

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