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Student’s Name Professor’s Name Glaciers National Park Date Name Email: Cell: MUSIC: OPENING THEME MUSIC NARRATOR: According to Granshaw, Glaciers form as a result of fallen snow compressed to form substantial ice masses over the years. Glacier National Park is located north of Alberta Waterton Lakes National Park and is home to many glaciers. The national park contains glaciers formed as a result of warming and cooling patterns during the ice ages leading to their advancement and expansion. According to Key, These glaciers got created more than 7000 years ago. The Glacier National Park had about 25 active glaciers out of 37 in 2010 down from 150 in the 1850s. Glacier National Park contains glacier landforms which include u-shaped valleys, horns, cols, cirque lakes, and moraines. These glacier landforms got formed by cooling and warming of passing ice age glaciers. Womble holds that in the past one century, glaciers have disappeared at a high rate. In the year 1980s, the park had a total number of about 150 glaciers. Currently, the total number of glaciers is about 35. More so, an estimation of three glaciers will have disappeared by the year 2030 and other four by the year 2080. Scientist attributes the disappearing of these glaciers to melting or evaporation of ice that does occur and amount of snow accumulated. Scientist relates glacier retreat with force of gravity which makes the ice thick layer to flow. Global warming has a significant impact on the disappearance of these glaciers. Glaciers National Park is a destination to be as it offers a lot of recreational activities. Hicking, backcountry camping, fishing, biking,

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