8.12 The Intermittent Windshield Wiper and Its Little Inventor

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Case Study Analysis: Intermittent Windshield Wiper and Inventor Name Institutional Affiliation Intermittent Windshield Wiper and Inventor Discussion Questions Is it ethical to use an idea based on the risk analysis that the owner of that idea simply cannot afford to litigate the matter? It is not ethical to take advantage of the financial status of a person as far as intellectual property is concerned. Mr. Kearns and his struggle with the automobile industry show the importance of patents. More so, large companies or powerful people who take advantage of underprivileged individuals should receive severe punishment as a cautionary measure for the future generation CITATION Bou12 l 1033 (Bouchoux, 2012). Besides, there are numerous ways for a company or individuals to adopt ideas without causing problems. I think ford would have hired Mr. Kearns as a consultant during the mass production of the wipers or paid him for patent rights to develop his idea. The whole ordeal lowered the credibility of the companies among its customers and investors. The problem started when these companies neglected the input of the inventor. Whether or not, their formal group of engineers could have developed the idea eventually, they should have included the inventor in matters of development and financial revenues. The process could have been easier for both parties. Why was the intermittent wiper system so important to the automakers? The intermittent wiper system was useful because of its ability to reduce accidents on the road. The developers of motor vehicles used glass for clarity while driving, as well as to protect the passengers from the wind and other forces of nature

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