7-2 Final Project Submission: Healthcare Delivery Systems Research Paper

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A Gap in Equity Related to Mental Health Access for Veterans Student’s Name Institution A Gap in Equity Related to Mental Health Access for Veterans Introduction The United States of America is undeniably one of the countries with the most significant army troop's deployed and engaged in battlefields in different parts of the world. Besides the substantial financial implications of the active military participation to the federal government, immense losses are felt by the individual military personnel together with their family members. After the American government commitment towards the war against terror, reported cases of mental illness and trauma had increased continuously amongst the American veterans (Hester, 2017). Substance abuse disorders, anxiety, depression, and posttraumatic stress are among the most health issues affecting the veterans in the United States. Despite the continuous discussions and concerns being raised concerning this matter by several stakeholders in the military, government, non-governmental organizations, and the public there still exists a wide disparity in the access to mental health care services for the American veterans. The Vietnam War experienced one of the largest group of American soldiers to be deployed to a foreign land for battle. However, the aftermath of the war has been attributed to some negative issues that have affected the men and women who served in this particular war up to date. With more than 6,600 American soldiers killed and 48,000 others seriously wounded, the war left the American soldiers with a huge health crisis that is yet to be addressed exclusively by the government and other stakeholders

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