2011 Miss Representation

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Name Instructor Course Title Date Miss Representation Introduction The media is a very powerful channel of communication to the world. It influences much of societal change, political change and the kind of beliefs that we are expected to carry on with our daily lives. It is a powerful resource that when used wisely can effect change and when used in the wrong way, it could cause harm to the society. This paper aims at looking at how the media portrays certain standards about women. Media Influence on the Ideal Woman The media conveys the body image of the ideal beautiful woman to be thin. Majority of the population that watches the mainstream media like the television are women and girls. This is the platform where advertisements are mostly aired. Advertisements of the beautiful, perfect woman are pumped into their heads making them believe that for one to be beautiful, they must have a thin body of the ideal woman “Put simply, the beauty ideal in American culture is: thin.” (Ossola, p2). Many adolescents who are the largest group susceptible to these advertisements and the media philosophy end up being affected greatly in the long run. The media portrays the ideal woman to be of a certain race and of the upper social class. It also depicts the body of the perfect woman regarding appearance that has been beautified by the camera lenses and filters which does not exist in real life. Girls with fairly larger bodies or average bodies end up having to deal with self-esteem issues or even social insecurities. Therefore, these kinds of girls develop difficulties in socializing with other teens; which might lead to depression. In a bid to reduce their body

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